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[Pinned] Application template

------------------------ Copy and paste the following into a new topic, adding replies to all questions -----------------------1. Personal Information:Name:Nationality:Age:Occupation/Hobbies:Battletag:2. Character Information:Character name:Clas...
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Zord0878Small Zord 1y
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Restoration druid

1. Personal Information:Name: A. HolmNationality: DanishAge: 33Occupation/Hobbies: Working in a kindergarten, having three kids of my own. My hobby is clearly being a masochist.Battletag: Gwen#217952. Character Information:Character name: Gwen-Ana...
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Gwen0654Member avatar small Gwen 301d
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Holy Priest application

1. Personal Information:Name:NeffNationality:CroatAge:20Occupation/Hobbies:Economics/Gameing/Bike rideingBattletag:MeSs#29382. Character Information:Character name:DecisiönClass & Spec:Priest, HolyOff-spec (if applicable):DisciplineArmory Link...
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Decisiön0730Member avatar small Decisiön 328d
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(Accepted)Hunter Application

1. Personal Information:Name:StamatisNationality:GreekAge:34Occupation/Hobbies:Employee of National Bank of Greece/Chess,Video Games,MoviesBattletag:Skaddi#26112. Character Information:Character name:SkaddìClass & Spec:Hunter BMOff-spec (if ap...
Member avatar small Skaddi 335d
Skaddi2888Member avatar small Bloodphantom 333d
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[Declined] Oinone - Shadow Priest

1. Personal Information:Name: Emin Yılma YenigünNationality: TurkishAge: 34Occupation/Hobbies: Law at Attorney – Motorcycles – Bikes – TravellingBattletag:2. Character Information:Character name: OinoneClass & Spec: ShadowOff-spec (if applicab...
Member avatar small Yılma 338d
Yılma2874Member avatar small Bloodphantom 337d
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[Declined] Dulmor - Restoration Shaman

1. Personal Information:Name: VasilisNationality: GreeceAge: 29Occupation/Hobbies: Ship Broker / GamingBattletag: Dulmor#218172. Character Information:Character name: DulmorClass & Spec: Draenei will change to Orc. Restoration specOff-spec (if...
Member avatar small Dulmor 339d
Dulmor41156Member avatar small Bloodphantom 337d
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[Declined] Liandrê - Windwalker Monk

1. Personal Information:Name: KobusNationality: South AfricaAge: 23Occupation/Hobbies: honorary studentBattletag: KobusThiart#28782. Character Information:Character name: LiandrêClass & Spec: Monk - WindwalkerOff-spec (if applicable): Brewmas...
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Liandrê2555Member avatar small Bloodphantom 337d
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[Declined] Sophena - Holy Priest

1. Personal Information:Name: SophenaNationality: DutchAge: 25 (almost, 7 March is my birthday)Occupation/Hobbies: System Developer (C++ Programmer)Battletag: Adel#212592. Character Information:Character name: SophenaClass & Spec: Off-spec (if...
Member avatar small Sophena 338d
Sophena2650Member avatar small Bloodphantom 337d
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[Declined] Frakkie - Havoc Demon Hunter

1. Personal Information:Name: OliverNationality: DenmarkAge: 22Occupation/Hobbies: Studying math and private economics, karate(as a teacher mostly) and ofc i play a lot of WoWBattletag: Frakkie1#28982. Character Information: Character name: Frakki...
Member avatar small FRAKKIE 345d
FRAKKIE2565Member avatar small Palumbah 339d
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[Declined] Andersosham - Resto Shaman

1. Personal Information:Name: Anders HanssonNationality: SwedenAge: 25Occupation/Hobbies: Gym / Chef in the Swedish milityary / GF and so on! Ps and gaming ofc!Battletag: Andersomatic#29262. Character Information:Character name: AndersoshamClass &...
Member avatar small Andersosham 347d
Andersosham2626Member avatar small Palumbah 346d
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[Declined] Refluxin - Mistweaver Monk

------------------------ Copy and paste the following into a new topic, adding replies to all questions -----------------------1. Personal Information:Name: BennNationality: EnglishAge: 23Occupation/Hobbies: Trainee quantity surveyor Battletag: Do...
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Refluxin2583Member avatar small Palumbah 348d
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{Accepted] Yndy - Resto Druid Application

1. Personal Information:Name: Madalin ConstantinNationality: RomanianAge: 23Occupation/Hobbies: Master Degree of Arts( Language & Literature) - Teacher | Traveling/ Comedy / Personal developmentBattletag: Chris#229742. Character Information:C...
Member avatar small Yndy 348d
Yndy2653Member avatar small Palumbah 348d
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[Declined] Papasink - Havoc Demon Hunter

1. Personal Information:Name: DennisNationality: SwedishAge: 22 Occupation/Hobbies: Came out of the army a month ago, now I work at at a big chicken factory in sweden. my hobbies are mostly gaming/ watching series. Battletag: Sin#13422. Character ...
Member avatar small Papasink 348d
Papasink2581Member avatar small Palumbah 348d
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[Accepted] Nickyp - Restoration Druid

Personal Information:Name: HenriI am currently twenty one years old, studying in Estonia, Viimsi Gymnasium. Studying there I'm taking programming courses, C Programming to be exact, where I gained valuable knowledge like logical thinking and teamw...
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Nickyp3835Member avatar small Nickyp 356d
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[Declined] Suskarina - Balance Druid

1. Personal Information:Name: HaakonNationality: NorwayAge: 23Occupation/Hobbies: Training, and for the most playing World of warcraftBattletag: Cinilie#23222. Character Information:Character name: SuskarinaClass & Spec: BalanceOff-spec (if ap...
Member avatar small Suskarina 359d
Suskarina51179Member avatar small Suskarina 356d
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[Declined] Spacemonkey - Unholy Death Knight

1. Personal Information:Name: KhalidNationality: United Arab emiratesAge: 26Occupation/Hobbies: free agentBattletag: spacemonkey#29352. Character Information:Character name: SpacemonkyClass & Spec: DK, UnholyOff-spec (if applicable): BloodArmo...
Member avatar small Spacemonky 357d
Spacemonky2609Member avatar small Palumbah 356d
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[Accepted] Maliciousmel - Protection Paladin

1. Personal Information:Name:LukeNationality:BritishAge:21Occupation/Hobbies:studentBattletag: malicious#28032. Character Information:Character name: maliciousmel-magtheridonClass & Spec: protection pallyOff-spec (if applicable): ret ( require...
Member avatar small Maliciousmel 359d
Maliciousmel51119Small Zord 357d
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[Declined] Rimaa - Frost Death Knight

1. Personal Information:Name:AmirNationality:SwedenAge:25Occupation/Hobbies:Soccer and a bakerBattletag:xlusivee#22122. Character Information:Character name: RimaaClass & Spec: Frost dk Off-spec (if applicable): Unholy dkArmory Link (Log off i...
Member avatar small Rimaa 360d
Rimaa2624Member avatar small Palumbah 360d
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[Declined] Shaxevil - Havoc Demon Hunter

1. Personal Information:Name: JakobNationality: DanishAge: 22Occupation/Hobbies: I do not work / Hobbies is gamingBattletag: Fogh94#22512. Character Information:Character name: DjævlekrigerClass & Spec: Demon hunter HavocOff-spec (if applicabl...
Member avatar small Jakob 363d
Jakob3797Member avatar small Palumbah 362d
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[Accepted] Vespher - Discipline Priest

1. Personal Information:Name: KevinNationality: NorwayAge: 23Occupation/Hobbies: Airport SecurityBattletag: Fettklomp#21052. Character Information:Character name: VespherClass & Spec: Discipline PriestOff-spec (if applicable): Shadow as my 2nd...
Member avatar small Vespher 1y
Vespher41007Member avatar small Vespher 362d